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Floating Energy

In many parts of the world, we rely on fresh water for drinking, life-stock and irrigation for crops. However, the cost of running these large water pumps proves to be extremely costly and other areas do not have power available.


We have energy solutions to provide power to pump stations ranging from 3KVA up to and above 3MVA. Weather there is grid power available or not, we have on-grid and off-grid floating power systems for dams, ponds, reservoirs and infrastructures for aquaculture.

Our floating solar panels application allows for the cooling for solar panels, making them more efficient and reducing the evaporation of water while keep a constant water temperature for aquaculture.

Sivcorp Energy & Water specialises in small and large commercial solar energy, battery storage and air-to-water generation projects. We specialise in cost effective utility distributed generations for commercial buildings, schools and shops, meaning the custom commercial energy & water solutions we create for you will give you the greatest value for money.

When we design your custom commercial energy and water systems, you can be assured that we will complete the installation process in a timely and professional manner, with your specific business needs in mind.

We always maintain worker's compensation liability insurance, so you can have the confidence in knowing that your business assets are not in jeopardy during the installation process. In addition to the world-class installation we provide for our commercial customers, we also process all required paperwork for your convenience.

Sivcorp Energy & Water provides a multitude of commercial solutions specifically tailored for commercial application, including stainless steel hardware use in each installation to assure long life performance.

We retain civil, structural and electrical engineering partners for each project to guarantee the perfect commercial energy and water systems installation, including complete compliance with building inspectors.

Sivcorp Energy and Water projects can be undertaken at a multitude level of sites around the worlds.

As a value business owner looking to decrease overhead cost while helping to protect the environment, it would be our pleasure in helping you to as a business to become totally energy and water independent. 

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